Thursday, July 28, 2011

Natural Lighting

Yesterday, the natural light that shone through my window woke me and inspired me to pick up my camera to capture it's beauty.
I didn't add any flash...
Just God's Natural Light...
What do you think?
Beautiful isn't it?

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Few Book Reviews

I have received so many wonderful and positive reviews of my book.  
I wanted to share a few of them with you.  
If you have received your copy of my book, please leave me a comment and a review if you like on the post below this one. 
 I'd love to hear from you.
The purpose for creating this book was to encourage and inspire others to create.  
It was a blessing to finish it and make it available for other bloggers and artists alike.
Thank you for believing in me and supporting this venture.
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Sandy over at Quill Cottage (My New Blog Buddy!!)
has just written the most precious post about my Art/Book.
Please stop by her blog and say hello!
When I read her post it brought tears to my eyes...
Thank you Sandy!
For the post and the tears of sentiment...
Click to Hear a Song for All My Blogging Friends...
Click Again to Stop Music.

Please leave comments/reviews on
 Post Below...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Overstock Book Sale! Ended.

Sale has ended but books are available at the Magcloud Site!

I recently attended a crafters event where I sold several of my books.  To get ready for the event, I ordered quite a few of them from my store at Magcloud.  Now that the event is over, I can sale the overstock of books that I have left.  For My Overstock Book Sale, I am selling each copy for $28.00 $20.00 plus shipping.   When my overstock copies are gone, this sale will end but my book will still be available Print to Order at for the regular price.  I will also "sign" (if wanted) any of the copies I have in stock!  Just tell me what you would like me to write on yours when you order.  
The book binding for my "Overstock" copies are the Saddle Stitch Book Binding (Magazine Binding).  The book binding on Magcloud's site is the Perfect Bound Binding (Regular Book Binding)...and you will receive a FREE Digital Download Copy of the Book!!!
(This sale offer is not for book orders).
I will ship worldwide!
 Please help spread the word on your blog.
Sample Pages
I have also created a Button to Grab so that you can link back to this event on your blog.
~~See sidebar for the Button~~
Once your order has been placed and completed, I will ship your book out within 48 hours.
To see more Preview Pages...
then be sure to come back and order here for the sale price.

This is a Huge Book Sale Event!
Don't Miss Out!
Order Yours Today...
Click Image to Read A Few Reviews...

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create 2011

Welcome Bloggers to Where I Create!
I'm so glad you're here!!
My name is Lovey.
My creative space is the perfect place for me.
~About My Art~
I create Fabric Photo Collages using images of
African American Women from the
~early 1700's- early 1900's~
I love everything vintage...
folding cameras, photos, jewelry, fabric, lace and trims...
I love it all!
My "girls" have been featured in several magazines,
including Sew Somerset and
Cloth Paper Scissors; Studios.
I have also had the wonderful opportunity to be featured on as well many other websites and blogs.
~Why I Blog and Create~
I have met the most wonderful friends through blogging
and have truly been inspired by each one of them in ways
that have helped shape me into the artist that I am today.
I dedicate my blog and art to my MOM...
MOM, I Miss and Love you!
~On to Glory~
~My Book~
I have recently written a Beautiful
Craft Book...
Fabric Photo Memories by Lovey
Please follow link below for information about purchasing a copy for your very own!
And Now for...
Here it is!
I love working at my desk.  
Here I can surf the web, blog and work on all my images digitally before collaging them.
As you can see, I have lace and fabric around me at all times...
Ohhh the allure of it all.
With a swivel of my chair, I am able to work at my sewing station.
Here I have space to spread my images out and create my collages.
Oh how I Lovvvveee these textured fabrics!
And lace...takes me to a "whole-nother" level of Happy!
My SMDiva!
(Sewing Machine Diva)
These lace pieces are actually curtains.
The curtains were purchased at a local Thrift Store.
I enjoy finding, washing, coffee staining and cutting these lace curtains for use in all my collages.
Once I was turned on to Bird's was "On!"
Under my desk, I keep my Cricut Cartridges in bins.
Enough Said!
Love my Vintage Porcelain Dolls!
This side of my studio offers an abundance of "Eye Candy".  I keep my bins stocked with Lace, Trims, Fabric Scraps and Old Antique (Broken) Jewelry.
Can never have too much lace, right?
I purchased decorated boxes that have a magnetic clasp on the front to house some of my lace. 
 In order to get to the lace without having to take everything down off the boxes,
I used my x-acto knife to cut the front; making a door for easy access to the lace.
When I'm done, I can close the flap and the magnetic clasp closes back up.
"Wall of Inspiration"
Once I framed my fabric photo collages in shadow boxes, I could not resist hanging them up together in a nice cluster for additional inspiration.
As you can see, I only have half of the room to work with.  
Not very large, but it is very cozy for me.  
I can get a lot done in my "little corner of the world..."
Beauty for me is...
"My Vintage Girls Encased in Fabric..."
"No Longer a Forgotten Face..."
Gotta love that!
Published and on the Newsstand at Borders and Barnes and Noble?
Oh that was a wonderful accomplishment for me!
 ~My Book~
Fabric Photo Memories by Lovey is available for purchase here...
Please check it out.
A beautiful book full of tips and tutorials...
Truly unique and completely made from the Heart!
Oh and Yes...
I gave up my PC's for a MAC...
I'm a MAC girl...all the way!
"Once you go MAC...You never..."
Ahh shucks...
You know the rest!
Thanks again for your visit!
 Please feel free to leave me a comment and/or
 keep up with my blog by following!

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All Rights Reserved

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Older Posts Available...Click ABOVE!!!
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