Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create 2011

Welcome Bloggers to Where I Create!
I'm so glad you're here!!
My name is Lovey.
My creative space is the perfect place for me.
~About My Art~
I create Fabric Photo Collages using images of
African American Women from the
~early 1700's- early 1900's~
I love everything vintage...
folding cameras, photos, jewelry, fabric, lace and trims...
I love it all!
My "girls" have been featured in several magazines,
including Sew Somerset and
Cloth Paper Scissors; Studios.
I have also had the wonderful opportunity to be featured on as well many other websites and blogs.
~Why I Blog and Create~
I have met the most wonderful friends through blogging
and have truly been inspired by each one of them in ways
that have helped shape me into the artist that I am today.
I dedicate my blog and art to my MOM...
MOM, I Miss and Love you!
~On to Glory~
~My Book~
I have recently written a Beautiful
Craft Book...
Fabric Photo Memories by Lovey
Please follow link below for information about purchasing a copy for your very own!
And Now for...
Here it is!
I love working at my desk.  
Here I can surf the web, blog and work on all my images digitally before collaging them.
As you can see, I have lace and fabric around me at all times...
Ohhh the allure of it all.
With a swivel of my chair, I am able to work at my sewing station.
Here I have space to spread my images out and create my collages.
Oh how I Lovvvveee these textured fabrics!
And lace...takes me to a "whole-nother" level of Happy!
My SMDiva!
(Sewing Machine Diva)
These lace pieces are actually curtains.
The curtains were purchased at a local Thrift Store.
I enjoy finding, washing, coffee staining and cutting these lace curtains for use in all my collages.
Once I was turned on to Bird's was "On!"
Under my desk, I keep my Cricut Cartridges in bins.
Enough Said!
Love my Vintage Porcelain Dolls!
This side of my studio offers an abundance of "Eye Candy".  I keep my bins stocked with Lace, Trims, Fabric Scraps and Old Antique (Broken) Jewelry.
Can never have too much lace, right?
I purchased decorated boxes that have a magnetic clasp on the front to house some of my lace. 
 In order to get to the lace without having to take everything down off the boxes,
I used my x-acto knife to cut the front; making a door for easy access to the lace.
When I'm done, I can close the flap and the magnetic clasp closes back up.
"Wall of Inspiration"
Once I framed my fabric photo collages in shadow boxes, I could not resist hanging them up together in a nice cluster for additional inspiration.
As you can see, I only have half of the room to work with.  
Not very large, but it is very cozy for me.  
I can get a lot done in my "little corner of the world..."
Beauty for me is...
"My Vintage Girls Encased in Fabric..."
"No Longer a Forgotten Face..."
Gotta love that!
Published and on the Newsstand at Borders and Barnes and Noble?
Oh that was a wonderful accomplishment for me!
 ~My Book~
Fabric Photo Memories by Lovey is available for purchase here...
Please check it out.
A beautiful book full of tips and tutorials...
Truly unique and completely made from the Heart!
Oh and Yes...
I gave up my PC's for a MAC...
I'm a MAC girl...all the way!
"Once you go MAC...You never..."
Ahh shucks...
You know the rest!
Thanks again for your visit!
 Please feel free to leave me a comment and/or
 keep up with my blog by following!

© 2011 created by Lovey 
All Rights Reserved


peggy gatto said...

Ah what a lovely visit I had with you!!!
I am I follower and always enjoy the warmth of your space!!!

peggy gatto said...

I have been a follower for some time and always love visiting your special place!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear sweety,

What a beautiful post..
Al those pictures of your work and's amazing.
I love al the things you make..I am a great fan of you.

Lovey I wil thank you for you kind and lovely words on my guestbook..
You ar e my far away friend...
and you are with me in difficult times...thank you!

A send you love and peace,

Dorthe said...

Hi sweetheart Lovey,
thank`s for inviting me inside your new rearranged craft room, dear.
Looks so wonderful and cosy there, with all your beautiful fabric`s -laces-and jewelry.I love your art on the wall.I wish you tons of creative hours there, dear friend, and congrats you with your new MAC -wow.
Big hug from me, on a rainy day in Denmark.

Diane said...

Ahh--this is how a studio should always be--filled with this beautiful vintage lace and fabric, lovely jewelry, and those so excellent vintage photos--love it!

umelecky said...

Oh yes. I could be creative in that space. Lots of cool stuff for inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Liz-Anna said...

Lovey, your space is so rich with textures. I love it!

Rebecca said... are one talented lady my friend. Truly...I've said this before but it bears repeating. You so the best collage work I've seen. It is so inspiring and I pray peace, blessings and GREAT SALES over your book. How fabulous to be published.

You are making your momma in heaven so proud. Simply beautiful friend. Just beautiful.


Maggie said...

LOVED my visit!!! I do believe you are a lace-aholic, but in a gooooood way. Your collages grouped together in their shadowboxes made me beautiful. And thanks for visiting my space, too!


kluless said...

Hi Lovey! I have been looking forward to seeing your art space this year and you didn't disappoint! I'm drooling over all that lace and to answer your question - NO, you cannot have too much lace!! Cutting the fronts of those boxes is a great idea. I have two of that exact same box and keep vintage family photos in them. I think I will pick up a couple more and try your idea. It seems like it would be perfect for vintage sheet music and I wouldn't have "unstack". Thank you for sharing!

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Hi Lovey, Your creations and space ares just wonderful! Thank you for stopping by! Some of the Artful Gathering classes I'm taking are related to this, I totally love old fabrics, laces and photos and want to learn different methods to combine them. Yes I'm a Mac girl too , actually a Mac Grannie! Always on the journey of learning. Thanks for the great idea of the boxes and the dro down front. That is the best ever as I'm a short bit of a gal and never can reach anything without a step stool. I can't wait to get out my exacto knife! lol. I love everything, everything! Hugs and blessings my fellow blogger! Marilou

peggy aplSEEDS said...

hello, Lovey, how nice to see where you create your lovely fabric collages! i love all the lace you have. and good idea about the box to store them! thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

Lovey you're such a talent, I love seeing all your beautiful things you use to make your art. The Lord has certainly blessed you this past year and I can't wait to see what he has in store for you.
Thank you for the tour, have a wonderful weekend

Pretty Things said...

Let me tell you -- your mother is LOVELY and that photo -- she reminds me of Maya Angelou. So wise and smart and I'll bet she had a lot of sass.

I love how you present your art, and I have to look at your book. I am under contract to write a beading book this year and I'm losing my mind, so would love to hear how you managed!

I hope you'll have time to visit my blog!

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Such a beautiful space - love the photos of all your wonderful fabric and stuff.

earthypawscreatures said...

I love all of your vintage lace! Your art is beautiful :) Congratulations on the publications! Thanks for sharing your space :D


Rowann said...

God has BLESSED you with such talent...Eye Candy...WOW Now I know where all that LACE went...Rowann

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Lovey,
I know your mom is looking down and very proud of you and your accomplishments and your new book. You are one talented lady and your pics share the elements that inspire you to create the beauties only you can design. You are the best my friend and I am in total admiration of you.

Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by my studio too.
Have a wonderful week and Love to you always,
Celestina Marie

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh how I love it here! I adore your designs and your creative space looks so inviting and comfortable.

I like how both you and your mom are posed with your hands under your chins. Like Mother like Daughter right?

Hope you're having a wonderful day.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Lovey,
Such pure beauty and creativity abound in your studio, my friend!! I have always been in awe of it--You so rock!!

Angela Weimer said...

A really great space. What beautiful creations you make. Love all that lace. Thanks for sharing your space. Now off to the next place. Have a great day. Angela

"Create Beauty" said...

What amazing lace!!! (oops, brings a hymn to mind...)

Your creations are so beautiful!!!

~ Violet

Kathleen Sigg said...

Your work is stunning! Thanks so much for inviting us in.

Marlynn said...

L O v E your cubby! Just as I imagined it would be - just like you, full of beauty and inspiration! Hugs, sweetie, xoxo

Shell said...

Lovey, I adore your space. It is full of beauty, charm and romance. Your fabric photos are beautiful. I'm a new follower, now too.

Donna said...

I love your work and your workspace!!!! I too have laces and fabrics. Just not as much as you have!!! :)
If you get a chance check out my craft cottage on my blog.
Blessings to you!!!

La Doña Jenny said...

Hello my friend Lovey. Your space always takes me to a "whole nother" level lady. I adore the framed collages of your beautiful ladies. Blessings Lovey and I enjoyed visiting, although I'm usually visiting year round. Take care my friend.



The English Romantic said...

Please may I come and work in your beautiful creative space. I'll stroke your fabrics and admire your inspirational ladies.
It will be a magical day.

Debbie Burkey said...

Just LOVE the ladies on the wall! Gorgeous work. Your room is wonderful. Everything within arms reach at your machine, nice. Enjoyed the tour!


Karen Valentine said...

Lovey your room is FABULOUS! It is a vintage lovers paradise. The collages on the wall are beautiful. No wonder your work has been published many times!! I'm a little jealous of all that lace and fabric you have too!! Thank you so much for sharing your little slice of heaven with the rest of us!

Lynn Stevens said...

Lovey your studio space is such a creative space its no wonder you create such beautiful pieces. Your wall of collages is fabulous!

Thanks for your kind words and for entering my giveaway, best of luck.
hugs Lynn

Claudia said...

What a wonderful space you have and your love for your mother shines through. Congratulations on being published and on your book!

I love your work.

fairyrocks said...

Thank you for that tour. I love how efficiently you use your space.
Your lace piles are so luscious and rich.
Congratulations on your book,I can see it must be a wonderful refference book, by the masterpieces in your studio.
Keep smiling and creating.

Cindy Craine said...

You go MAC girl, we're a growing group. I couldn't work a PC if I had to! I find the new software a little more difficult but I'm workin' on it. Your work is beautiful and inspiring and just wonderful. All that lace and all those vintage photos, I am obsessed with vintage wedding photos myself but your collection is inspiring. Come see me at Lilly's Lace if you have time, xo-cindy

Gabriela said...'s so nice to meet you!I love your artwork and your studio is gorgeous!

romance-of-roses said...

Lovey, you have the ultimate studio. Everything in it is fabulous and everything you make is awesome.

Evy said...

Ohhhh dear Lovey which tremendous source of inspiration all its laces, jewels, and tissues, I like; and in your hands this treasure is transformed golden! Thank you for showing us all this!

Beautiful day

Lovey said...

Thank you! :-)

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I adore your wonderful work area! So many beautiful things surround you! The wall of your collage work is just BREATHTAKING! I have to add it to my Pintertest! Love love love! Thank you for sharing your space with us!

Nook & Cranny said...

Love your work and love your creative space. I would so love to come over and poke around in allll of your lace and trims. I can see where it all brings you to a level of happiness, it is all fantastic.
Thanks for sharing your space with all of us.

Doni said...

Hello Lovey! I'm just looking and looking...can't get enough!! I love your idea to cut the boxes with the magnet closure on the front!! GREAT IDEA!! Where's my exacto??? Hmm, must find that.
I want to come over and play in your lace and rhinestones!! Can't we have a party?? Thanks for the eye candy room....always special to visit here!
Blessings, Doni

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

The lace draped across the vintage stove says everything to me. Everything! Love this. The stove is feminine and the lace is feminine and they both have their place in a woman's life. Sometimes a woman just likes to cook in a slip when it's summer time and way to hot to really wear clothes. Anyway...I got sidetracked by this visual. Overall I love your whole creative space. It must be very fun to work there. Thanks for showing it to us all! *smiles* Norma

marie said...

It's very nice to meet you Lovey ~ you have a wonderful creative space. I can see that it's full of lots of memories as well. You collages are beautiful and all that bling is fabulous!

Thank you for sharing!

Terri said...

Hi's been awhile since my last visit..sorry about that..I think you know I love your art work and now I see where you stash all your supplies to make them. WoW!!!
Thanks for the delightful tour into you creative space!!!

June said...

Oh sweet Lovey, it was like sitting there with you! I love your creative studio. And it's a good thing I'm not there, or you would have to watch me like a hawk with all that bling and lace (not that I don't have enough of my own) but a girl can never have too much bling))! I LOVE YOUR ART!!!!!
love from here...

Ivy and Elephants said...

OMG Lovey,
You are just amazing. I know if I were in your creative space I would just be inspired. Just looking at your photos I am inspired through my computer (a Mac I may add...thanks to you). Your book is at the top of my books to buy list. Love ya girl!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh sweet Lovey~
What a beautiful space for a beautiful soul to create! I love seeing all the lovely faces ~ I think it must be what heaven will look like! Thanks for sharing ~ Blessings,

Geri Centonze said...

Don't usually get goosebumps reading someone's blog but these images and what you've done with them is proud to have you as a new member to artsee bloggers! ♥ Just started following you!

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Lovey,
Your space is warm and cozy; very inspiring. It works just fine for you 'cause your artwork is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you for a wonderful tour.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oooh, love all that lovely lace, Lovey! How great ~ moving from computer to sewing table with ease just by turning around. Your "girls" are beautiful and I love the series you have hanging on the wall. Congrats on your book!

Sara said...

I am drooling over your lace and fabrics. Hugs Sara

Miss Sandy said...


I LOVED seeing into your creative world! I love that you have everything you need at your fingertips and that surface covered in wonderful images makes my heart sing, beautiful! Love all the laces, bling, and everything! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Hi Lovey,
Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm way behind and just got around to visiting yours. What a unique blog and a unique space. I'm going to sign up as one of your followers. I LOVE all your lace - you have some beautiful pieces. I'm also purchasing your book. Right Now. Thanks for a wonderful visual experience. Love Linda

suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest Lovey
So much wonderful feedback my friend.
Your artwork is awesome, your space is awesome, your materials are awesome
and YOU, dear friend of the heart, are
Love you back,
Suzy xxxxxxxx

Sandra Kaye said...

Absolutely lovely, Lovey!!! I really like your art work with African American women. My daughter say your work in one of my art magazines. She really liked them too. Do you sell your images of black women?? I'd like to make a few pieces with them. Thanks for sharing your space. Sandie

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sweet Lovey...your studio is just WONDERFUL girl!!!! So, so very you...and I would love, LOVE to be in there with you and watch you create one of your gorgeous treasures ~ I love your taste so much....I know I would drool on everything! You are a precious soul and a beautiful artist, hugs and love, Dawn

Valery said...

Wow, your studio space is amazing. Just loved looking at all your treasures.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

what a gorgeous creative haven you've crated for yourself. I just adore your inspiration wall! soooo many lovely fabric collages. your work is simply stunning! Congrats on your new book AND publication in those fab magazines. a dream of mine....

"merci" for stopping in to see where this blogger creates and for your kind words. Nice to meet you "lovey!" I'm your newest follower! :)

Renee said...

I love your collages, and lace, and your diva sewing machine.

you have so many wonderful things to use.

Susanne said...

First, congratulations on your publishing successes! Your space looks like command central for sure! That's a great idea with for the cut out on the magnetic boxes. No, you can never have enough lace or rhinestones! And finally I love the last shot, beautiful mood lighting.

Raine said...

I loved visiting your warm, cozy space.... and all that lace is ooh la la! Your Mom was so beautiful and it lives on in you! Thank you for sharing :-)

Robin said...

Love your creative space Lovey! It's so cozy, yet everything is at your fingertips. Your fabric collages are such an inspiration. Have a wonderful day.


bobbie said...

Congratulations on your book ~ that is awesome!!!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Hi Lovey,
I received your book today and I am very pleased with the beautiful photos and all the tips. I haven't done any of this before but I have a lot of ancestor pictures and I may start. I love how your choice of embellishment, and the rich colors compliment the dark skin. My favorite elegant lady is on page 9 - she is just regal! and her dress is gorgeous. Best of luck with your book - I'll be back to visit.
PS I went on to read the review on Quill Cottage and loved her blog, and now am following her as well! What a wonderful community of strong, creative women! Love, Linda

Alaina said...

What a wonderful space you have to create. So much little tidbits to work with. After seeing your space I think I need to bring in my sewing machine too.

Rita Barakat said...

What a wonderful space! The lace and vintage photos!!Wow! I have recently been doing alot image transfers on canvas so I am intrigued by your work! So glad I popped in!

angie said...

I love your studio and your work. It is so compelling.

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Hi Lovey I have a question and couldn't find a spot to leave a comment on your other spot so here I am. I ordered my iron and it turns on but when I pick it up it has a rattle inside as if something is loose or rolling around inside, could you shake your and see if that is normal or should I mail it back for another? Now go shake that iron and see if it rattles, lol, email be love! Hugs marilou

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

What a wonderful spot you have created for yourself--it is what a woman needs--her own little retreat, an escape from the world. I also wanted to tell you that your work is awesome. Love it, love it, and love it!!! I became a follower so that I can pop over and see what you are doing next. Your dedication to your mother and other family members is very touching. Would love to get to know you better. If you get a chance, come by my site. Would love to have you and you can even become a follower--if you want :)

sunshinefl95 said...

MAC 4life, they are throughout my house & in my purse. PC had me stressing MAC has me relaxing, lol. Love your blog!

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Hello Lovey,
Love your space and you have such wonderful storage ideas--especially the boxes with the face cut out for easy access--ingenious!! Love your work.
Thanks for sharing.

Amanda Trought said...

Your creative space is lovely, has it changed much over the year? I would love to spend time creating in your space it feels like home! blessings, Amanda

Ornate Splendor said...

Your work is so very inspiring...beautifully done...a tribute to all the lovely ladies in these photos. Your work inspired me to create a photo collage of my mother-in-law's mother. I gave it to my mother in law for mother's day. I incorporated fabric photos of her mother and used her mother's jewelry to embellish it so that it would be ultra meaningful to her. It brought tears to her eyes! I'll email you a photo...Thank you for your inspiration! Following you now! Catherine

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