Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tutorials Still Available...

Happy Sunday!  I've been very busy working on this book...whew.  Not a lot of time to post, but I did want to remind everyone that the PDF's are still available on Gel Medium Transfers and Using Beeswax with Fabric.  More information here.
 Gel Medium Transfers on Fabric
 Beeswax and Fabric
Thank you for all the great feedback from those who have gotten their copies!
Hugs to you all!
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Believe in Yourself!

As of late, I have been working on creating/writing a book.  I decided that I wanted to take on this new venture and create this book as a way to showcase and inspire others with pictures of my art in one place, words of encouragement and a few tutorials.  The book won't be large, maybe 40 pages or so and the style of the book will be more like a Magazine.  
What I have learned so far in the early stages of this venture is that you must believe in yourself.  You must take the plunge and believe that what you are doing and saying and presenting to others has value and worth to it.  You must believe in you.  Create something beautiful with what you would love to see in mind.  Focus on bringing your perception of beauty forth.
When I started creating "My Girls" a year ago, I had no idea which way I really wanted to go with them.  My vision was unclear and my style wasn't quite developed although roughly there.  
Now that I've developed my style and my vision is clear...
the question for me is...
"Now What?"
Now, what do I do with what I'm doing?
 My hearts desire has always been about inspiring,  encouraging and presenting beauty to others.  You have to start somewhere and work your way up.  That's the make it real, tangible for yourself and others.  That's where I am today.
I have set December 1, 2010 as my deadline for getting my book completed and sent to the publisher.  I hope to have it available for purchase right before Christmas or soon after...will keep you posted.
My mom's birthday is December 20.  She would have been 64.  The book will have a dedication to her in it.  She may not be here to celebrate me but I will forever celebrate her.
 Now, here I go...I'm going to take the plunge and put this book together.  It's not easy and a lot of work is involved, but nonetheless...I have to do it.  
I hope you will support me in this endeavor and then spread the word...
and my desire for you is that...
Your eyes and hearts will be moved with...Beautiful Images...Eye Candy...
Encouraging Words...My Heart!
Here I Grow again...

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh Where Shall I Put You?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Diamond in the Rough...

When I was published in Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS this summer 2010, I was absolutely thrilled by the opportunity and honor bestowed upon me. 
 At the same time, I was really working on developing my "signature style."
 I wanted others to see My Heart. My Art. Me.  
But how? 
 A Diamond in the Rough.
Someone (or something) that has hidden exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make them (or it) truly stand out from the crowd. The phrase is metaphorical and relates to the fact that naturally occurring diamonds are quite ordinary at first glance, and that their true beauty as jewels is only realized through the cutting and polishing process.
When I started my journey down this path of Vintage Photos and Fabrics I was so unpolished.  It was new to me.  So many people were already making collages.  Where would I fit in this crowd of talented artists?  Would I fit in at all?  What would make Me and Mine stand out from so many others?  
What would my true beauty look like?
The cutting and polishing began.  It was tough.  I wasn't received by everyone.  Some didn't want to take the chance on me and my art....said "I didn't fit the mold"...but I kept going.  I kept polishing and refining who I was and what I wanted others to see in me.  
I started seeing my vision manifest itself in the images I chose, the fabrics that called out to me and the old pieces of broken jewelry that needed a new story written for their use.  
My Vision Became Clear.
"Fabric Photos Memories by Lovey..."
Images of Vintage African American Women encased in Beautifully Textured Fabrics, Laces and Trims with a touch of Old Broken Jewelry....yes, that's it!  
My Vision is Clear.
Can you see it?
**When I photographed the above image, at first glance I didn't see me within the diamonds.  I staged the props for the shot without thought as to which way this post was headed.  After writing the post and looking at the image again and once again (smiles)...I saw me!  One piece stands to the side.
God truly just revealed that to me this AM 10/14/2010 6:22AM!  Wow! That wasn't intentional when I photographed this image!
Do you see me?
So as I continue down this path of becoming a Polished Diamond amongst so many, I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday to see the preview of my spread for the Winter 2010 Issue of Sew Somerset.  Tears over flowed as I looked at My Heart (Words), My Art, My Vision Forever Captured... Published in this Extraordinary Magazine.  It was so beautiful.   My Heart is exposed.  
My Diamond...Me...Polished with a Hint of Sparkle...Ready for all to see.
Mom, this continues to be for you!
Thank you Blog Friends for sharing this journey with me!
Your continued support means so much...
Love You All...Seriously.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekly Challenge #2: THINK PINK!

 I decided to enter the Think Pink Challenge over at the New Cricut Circle Blog in honor of
Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
To all those living with and surviving this disease...may the peace of God flow over your bodies with healing and soothing balm.
For those of you who have suffered loss...I pray your strength as you continue on in their absence.
  This is my first time entering a contest using my New Cricut Imagine Machine.  In order to enter I had to incorporate any 3 of these items in my project: 
Pink, Ruffles, Scallops, Flourishes, Glitter and Jewels.  
I used plenty of bling (jewels), pink and flourishes!  
I haven't done  a layout of my mom since she passed away from cancer almost 5 years ago now.  
So Mom, this one's for you!
I will always love you and remember your Spirit, Your Love, Your Smile, Your Songs just for me...
I will always remember and never forget...You."
"I Love You...Always...Mommy"
You are Missed.
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All Rights Reserved

Monday, October 4, 2010

AC Moore Craft Instructor!

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news to share.  Yesterday while at AC Moore, the store manager began talking to me about arts and crafts.  She had seen me in the store before and knew of me by face (you know what I mean?).  After speaking for a short while, she asked me if I'd be interested in becoming an Instructor there!!! 
 Whoo Hoo! Of course I said Yes! and was quite honored at the request from her.  
She told me that I set my own class fees and the scheduling was flexible...pretty much anytime I wanted...weekends being my first choice I was thrilled!
Now I have to decide which classes I will be offering.  I have complete leave way on the classes I teach, the hours set, the days, supplies..etc!
Any suggestions on classes you would like to see offered at a AC Moore if I were in your area?
I know that I will do Gel Medium Transfers on Fabric, Cricut Classes, Imagine Classes and Demos, and Fabric Collage Classes.  Any suggestions about these or others?
I'm pretty excited at the opportunity to work in a Craft Store doing the things I love to do!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Fabric Finds

Fabric Collage Re-Visited
 This is truly a remarkable image of a woman reading. 
Look at the background, her blouse of lace and gloves.
Such class and delicate femininity.
A Fabric Collage for Viola
Viola here's one of my gifts to you...
I hope you enjoy the collage I'm sending you and 
all the lace and fabrics too!
Once again Viola, thank you for your gifts to me...truly special!

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Older Posts Available...Click ABOVE!!!
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