Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beauty Still...On the Wall

There is still beauty around me...
I need to see the beauty to remind me that there is beauty still...
Thank you from my heart for all your love and support during our time of mourning.
Your love and support brings me some comfort during these terrible times...
The next few days will undoubtedly be tough for everyone as we lay Christian to rest.
Love you all...
My Heart to Yours...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunshine in a Vase...

Today I received a call from a dear friend of mine.  Actually she's called everyday since the surgery.  She's very sweet that way.   She said she would stop by for a short visit to drop something off.  She asked me if I needed anything and all I could think of was something cold to drink.  So I asked her to bring me something to drink and she agreed to it.  The day was progressing on and she hadn't come yet so I decided to just relax a bit with my boys.
Now that my DH is back at work, I'm here to fend for myself more and them too.  Ready or not, the job can't wait forever for him to return to it...so he went back today.  
I am feeling better now that I have stopped taking the pain killer which was really causing me more pain than pain relief.  
I was dizzy, sick to my stomach and hallucinating!
I felt like I couldn't think straight and breathing was getting funny but not in a funny way. 
I prayed, my hubby and eldest son prayed with me too.  
In my heart, I felt the medicine was the culprit but what about the pain?  
What would happen if I stop taking this medicine?
I pondered the idea and then I stopped taking it around the clock...every six hours to every 8, then 9...12...stopped!  
Where's my Tylenol Extra Strength?
Found it!
OMGoodness, I  can feel myself coming back from this horrific place of delusion and sickening feelings all over me.  I can feel myself healing.
I can get up and walk around the house...slowly of course. 
I can eat!
My children are smiling and feeling like mommy is okay now.
  Whereas just on Wednesday night, they cried in fear...cause mommy wasn't responding like mommy at all.
Samuel pleaded with the Lord..."Please heal my mommy God...I love her and you only get one mommy, even if you get another mommy she's not like the first mommy even if she's nice..."  His prayer went on like this for almost an hour.  He gave his life to the Lord that night...
I cried.
My Joshua..."Mommy tummy funny, be careful, I promise I will be careful..." then he kisses my hand.
I smiled.
My Hubby Steven..."By Your stripes she's healed!!" 
I Believed!
And so today, Friday...one week later...
I'm Feeling Better!!
My dear friend Berlyn...stopped by for a short visit to drop something off and bring me a cold drink.
I received these beautiful Sunflowers! 
Oh see...I did get flowers for my recovery after all...smiles...(see Previous Post)
I'm in love with their BEAUTY...
And the Love of my Dear Friend, My Hubby, My Boys and All of You!
But Mostly....
I'm in Awe of the FATHER!
I AM HEALED...because of HIS Love for ME.
I'm BETTER because of all this Prayer!!
Now..."All you be well in Jesus Name...Amen!"
© 2010 created by Lovey All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's (13)

Not knowing if I would receive flowers for my recovery (smiles)...
I took pictures of these before my surgery.
Cool huh?
 Aren't they beautiful?
Recovery has been difficult...but I know I'm healing!
Thank you for everything friends!
Sweet Hugs and an Assortment of Flowers just for you!
© 2010 created by Lovey
All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh Man...

Really feeling sick crappy today.
  © 2010 created by Lovey
All Rights Reserved

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home and Recovering!

Thank you to all my Kind and Beautiful Blog Friends for your prayers, emails, texts and phone calls! 
I am back home now and recovering with my family.  
Doctors said all went well and I should be back up and out in about two weeks.  
The pain is difficult to bear but I have medicine that is helping me manage it.  
My laptop is in bed with me...so please feel free to email or leave your precious comments. 
I don't know what I'd do without my 
Handy Dandy Notebook, I mean MacBook Pro and iPad...smiles
Y'all know I am an Apple Girl...HeeHee!
Heart you all!
Typing is difficult...cuz I can't really sit up yet...but I can read comments that's for sure!
So in advance thank you for your prayers, love and support!
You guys mean a lot to me!!
© 2010 created by Lovey
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amazing Grace for My Surgery...

In recognition of Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's (12) I will post today using beautiful jewelry while requesting prayers from all my sweet blog friends...
Hope that's alright....
" Amazing Grace shall always be my song of praise...for it was Grace that bought my liberty, I'll never know just why Christ came to Love me so...He looked beyond my thoughts and saw my needs..."
This is the beautiful song playing in my heart as I prepare for surgery on Friday July 16.
This is the song God picked for me to listen to this morning...won't you please join in and hear this beautiful song as you read today's post.

Of course I had hoped that I could avoid surgery all together.  It just hasn't played out that way.  As some of you may remember back in February...
(see February 14 post) I was admitted in the hospital and underwent several tests.  Many tests were fine but there was one that wasn't quite right.  And it is that one that is causing the need for the surgery.
God is amazing though as He has been preparing me for the possibility of this surgery.  I had prayed for complete deliverance from needing it but....well...it's okay that I will get my healing another way...still by God's Grace and His direction but through the hands of the Doctor that He has so Graciously Picked Out Just For Me....
I know the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.....
will be there as will all the Heavenly Hosts assigned to me. 
I am asking for all your prayers as I have come to know, love and respect so many of you...my blog friends, kindred spirits...my continued inspiration.
It will be by God's Amazing Grace that He delivers me Whole.
So as I prepare for surgery, I pray for my children and husband that they are strong.
My Samuel will be 11 on Saturday...I told him I was so sorry to have the surgery the day before his birthday...and do you know what he said...?
He said "Mommy, I'd rather be with you then worry about my birthday."  He then said "I have everything already, I don't need anything but to be with you..."
I couldn't stop crying when he left the room....I cry now as I type because of his unconditional love for his mommy.
So...in closing this post....
May the love of God protect us all.  I love you guys and I'm believing God for His Miracles to fall upon me...won't you all believe with me....
Amazing Grace
© 2010 created by Lovey 
All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Virtuous Woman...

Who can find a Virtuous Woman?
 "For her price is far above rubies..."
KJV Proverbs 31:10
"Wisdom" and "Virtue" is what comes to mind when I look upon this woman.
She wears a cross around her neck as a sign of her Faith.
Everything about her and her surrounding speaks volumes to me...
Let us all strive to be a Virtuous Woman...Priceless.
© 2010 created by Lovey 
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Gazing upon her face...
I saw...
Now about the fear I also saw in her Big Round Eyes...Pupils tiny...
It was definitely fear there.
Maybe tears she tried to clear up...caused this look?
Definitely pain in those eyes, in her posture, in her face...fear?...Oh...
Which for me brought out the "Innocence"  I see/saw when...
I looked through the hurt and past the pain...
And maybe even her cry for help.?...
Whatever it was that caused her eyes to look so afraid....
I can only hope someone else saw it too
(like we did/do)...
and saved her from whatever she was going through...
Focusing on her innocence...took away the pain and replaced it with beauty.
"You're free child...you're free to be what I see in you..."
Innocence Lost? or was it Stolen?
 Was it a bit of both or None at all?
And thus and therefore...I do  not know...so I'll just call you "Innocence"
After all that's what I saw when I gazed upon your face...
when I looked through the hurt and past the pain....
Ahh Yes...that's what I saw...in you...

Introducing "Innocence" is my 100th Post!
July 8th will be one year blogging!
What shall I do...?
BTW...having issue with comments being visible.
Keep leaving them though...they are there.
When the issue is resolved they should pop back up.
Thanks my friends....
© 2010 created by Lovey 
All Rights Reserved

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