Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's (11)

Sunshine Golden Summer...

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Through it All...We Have Love...Wedding Blog Party...

 Stephanie over at Angelic Accents is having a Wedding Blog Party! She has some really lovely bloggers signing up to share their wedding stories, pictures and their wedding memorabilia collected over the years.  I've joined a couple parties recently and I thought this one would be great to join as well.
 My story was really quite simple.  I met my husband Steven 13 years ago! We were married almost a  year after we met.  He was what I considered a Spiritual Warrior and I was a "Babe in Christ."  He was so wonderful with showing me different things about the Lord that I fell in Love with his Love for the Lord immediately and then I fell in love with him too! HeeHee.
Mom and Me...Getting Ready...
On My Way... 
I had just graduated with my Masters in Deaf Education from Gallaudet University when we met.  I was still in that whole "Higher Education Mode," so of course I wanted to get married there at the University.  The Alumni House was beautiful and it looked like a beautiful Church with it's Stained Glass Windows.  I didn't have a church home yet in DC as I was still relatively new to the area.  Steven's church couldn't accommodate our wedding so the Alumni House at Gally was a Godsend indeed.
 Steven and I paid for our own wedding.  My mom really couldn't assist as she was battling her fight with being sick (not knowing it was the beginning stages of Pancreatic Cancer) and Steven's mom, well she just didn't want her only son marrying moi.  I didn't know why that was but she really wasn't supportive of us getting married.   It was a financial strain on us, but we made it through getting our little wedding together.  We never had a Honey Moon...and that was difficult for me to deal with in the beginning but after a while I accepted that we weren't going to have one and I never pressed the issue again. 
(No, we still haven't had one yet...sigh...smiles)
The wedding turned out beautifully.

Steven and I have been married 12 years.
We are still learning to walk in love and trust as Christians.  It hasn't been an easy fairytale road...but it has been one that has matured us and continues to make us better Christians, a couple and parents.
 Love at first not really.  Soul Mates...
I sure do hope so.
  Everyone we invited came.
We had plenty of food, great music and most importantly...
my mom got to see me get married before she passed away.
I'll always be grateful for this wedding gift.
18 months later...Our Union...
and then...
 8 years later...

Thank you for sharing my wedding story.  If you get a chance... check out all the other wonderful wedding stories at Angelic Accents!
Thanks Stephanie for such a wonderful wedding blog party!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And Spammers...Poof Be Gone!

Flowers for My Blog Friends...Smiles...
And with that said...there's this...
It's not nice to try and advertise commercial sales on someone's blog without permission...
especially in the form of a comment. "tsk, tsk. tsk"
Spammers...Poof Be Gone!
  I had an Anonymous Visitor add Spam in various posts all over the blog using comments that said the same thing about their commercial items for sale...Hmmm... not very nice!
"Awww Phooey!"
Sorry friends, I have to add the word verification and comment approval back for a while...
Okay I never really liked the word verification step so I'm removing that one and leaving the comment moderation on.  Hopefully this will be enough. It was but...I got another's all back on.
Love all my friends...old and new...but Spammers...
Poof Be Gone!
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Where I Create...

 Click to Enter My STUDIO!
Click to Enter My STUDIO!

As Your Heart is Led...
Please Leave Me Your Comments....

You are Most Welcomed Here!
Loving all my visitors! 
Thank you everyone! 
Thank you for your encouraging and supportive...
Please keep em' coming!
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting Ready to Post My Studio...

 Hello Friends...
FYI...I will take a short break from my Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's for the next few weeks so that I can get ready for the... Where Blogger's Create II Blog Party coming up on June 19!  
Not to worry though...I'll be back with those Wednesday Posts in a few weeks, and I'll try to make sure I post some real beauties...
Now for the Fun of Looking At All the Different STUDIOS!!! Oh My! I almost can't wait!
 The excitement of being able to post my STUDIO pics is like the feeling one get's when they unwrap their favorite present that they've been waiting for forever...Exhilarating!
The excitement of visiting other Studios...priceless!
I love that I have this opportunity to invite others into my Creative Haven... and to visit all the wonderful blog STUDIOS as well...Thanks Karen for hosting such a cool event!

Well the wait is almost over...
June 18...for all the early birds (that's me too) post will be up.
June 19 for all those late is summer time after all...
Me in my Jammies...Studio Blog Hopping...Oh yea! It's a Done Deal!
HeeHee! Many Smiles and Hugs...
BTW...Don't forget to leave comments on all the different blogs...
They really do encourage...Swoon...
Lesley over at Flatwoods Folk Art  did a Beautiful Post about Me, my Blog and Art as well as the
Beautiful Eye Candy and Awesome Artist Encouragement Post
  Lesley's Blog is really a wonderful tribute to beauty,  art and stories that touch the soul.
I enjoy visiting her blog...and I think you will too.
So please check it out...
Simply a wonderful post that truly touched my heart.
Blessings to you Lesley for your kindness...and support.
Thanks to everyone who has already Linked Up or will Link up in the future!
We all love Eye Candy and Blogger Encouragement goes such a long way!
We are already 100 108 114 Strong!
Let Us Keep it Going...
We are Bloggers United by Beauty!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Love Story That Had To Be Told...

"...and so she waited patiently for her Bo to walk through the door..."
"...and against everything she felt and knew to be true about him...when he did she...."

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's...(10)

Random Designs of BEAUTIFUL...
"A Vintage Beauty Full of Lace"
Reveal on Friday!
Ooh Ahh..
Check This Out!
POST ON JUNE 18, 2010
JUNE 19, 2010
I can't wait to see all the Beautiful Spaces!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

You! I Choose You!

So today I get this email from Lynn Stevens over at Trash to Treasure Art
She wrote to inform me that she had left me something on her blog.  
Out of curiosity I stopped by to see what it could be...
And there it name "Lovey" as being a person who inspires...her!
How sweet is that?
I'm sure you all have seen this awesome little award button on 
several beautiful and inspirational blogs....
 I'm touched that Lynn would think of me as an inspiration to her.  
She is so very talented, anyone would be blessed by her kindness.  
But you know...
It's not the award that means a great deal to me (although very nice).'s not the award, but rather that Lynn had me on her mind...and thought of me as someone she admires.  Wow, that's powerful to me.
Thank you Lynn! 
Many Smiles to You!
It's Amazing...
We are souls from all around the globe that unite through our art, our words, our hearts that meet up even though we've not met face to face.
How beautiful is that?
How Powerful? 
We are all brought together for a purpose.
Believe that!
Now, I want you to know that I'm not big on award rules.  
I just can't  seem to follow them to the letter.  
Please forgive me.
I'm supposed to tell Ten things about myself and pass it on to ten people...
Hmm...modifications will be made please once again forgive me if I'm not supposed to.
Well here I go...Ten things about me, "don't count them though"...heehee...said, the teacher.
  I'm a Christian who loves her two boys and hubby.  I'm a school teacher by day and an artist in between every other moment.  I love to inspire others with beauty and my words.  I would love to have a book published that I wrote as Eye Candy for all those who would indulge me.  My sewing machine is like...well, my best friend and I'm addicted to lace curtains from the thrift store.  I'm a gadget queen and once I went MAC, I never looked back!
 Now for choosing ten folks who inspire me...I just simply can't.  
There are so many more then ten, and I love you all so dearly.  
So...I will say...I choose you.  
Who stopped by to read my post today.  
Who creates beauty for all to see.
I choose you!
It's not by chance but by purpose!
I choose you!
Cause You choose to inspire others and that inspires ME!
Smiles to You all, my friends!
I choose YOU!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's...(9)

Turquoise Pageant...
Aren't they lovely?
Aren't these Mysterious?
How very deep in color and rich in beauty they are.
There are three separate pieces here.
Could you tell?
 Who can resist this xoxo "love-y" bracelet?

 I know, I know...
I may never get around to using all these beautiful pieces...'s alright...
My "love for Collecting them" is just as strong as
My "love for Creating with them."
And that's a lot Lovey Love!
Have a Great Vintage Jewelry Wednesday!

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