Saturday, May 29, 2010

How Great is Our God…Inspired Beauty

As I worked on this piece, I had my iPod playing in the background.  Many songs graced my presence…but one stood out…
How Great is Our God…
in Praise-Apella
Harmonious I work!
Love the Energy...
Over and over it played…DSC_3699This piece was the beauty that resulted.DSC_3705DSC_3718I really loved the way she came out. 
I think she may be
one of my favorites. 
Strong, motherly and inspired by the One and Only
to be a part of my collection of fabric collaged
Vintage Women of Color
Did you see the tassels in the image?
Did you notice I found tassels to match?
How often does that happen...without a little extra help?
Have a Blessed weekend my friends!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Link Up With Me Celebration of Art and Artists...

I love the overwhelming enthusiasm and appreciation for the
"Beautiful Eye Candy and Artist Encouragement"
Link Up with Me Celebration of Art and Artist!
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"Link Up Post"
We as lovers of art are that our eyes see what they see in our hearts.
We believe in beauty...therefore we create.
We see ourselves as no one else may...
We create because we have to...
It's within us...and therefore we must...
It's what we perceive on the inside that we project
for others to see.
To feel...
To enjoy...
There's a force when we band together for encouragement.
Our Art may be uniquely different...  
Our Visions are clear...and almost Transparently...the Same.
We are mothers, teachers, wives, husbands, workers of all professions, different cultures, races, countries....
Our commonality...
We find each other because...
We see what we see in our hearts...
Beauty, Peace, Creativity...Love.
We Create...
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Why not go visit some of these Awesome Blogs...
Mine too!
Experience Some Beautiful Eye Candy!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beautiful Eye Candy & Artist Encouragement!

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Big Hugs and Smiles my Friends!
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I know, I know....I'm...
 "Artist Greedy!"

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Find Your Way...

If there's something you don't like...
Change it.
If there's something you can't do...
Learn it.
If there's something you need done...
Do it.
If your dreams seem far away...
If you feel alone...
Be a friend.
If there's fear...
If there's too much quiet...
Sometimes we find things that we don't like, or can't do.  
We know it needs to be done, but it seems so impossible.
We end up feeling alone...fear finds it way in...our dreams...out of reach..
We can become so discouraged...
Find your way to be Free...
Laugh to break the silence. Laugh louder! Shout!
Reach Further. Get it done without Fear...
Find your knees and Pray.
Be my friend, I'll be yours.
Have Faith...
Be Free!
Find your Way!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's...(7)

This bracelet is missing some of it's pieces, but it's still quite beautiful.
I bought all these gems at a Antiques Flea Market.
The butterfly necklace is really quite amazing.
I'm inspired to go and make something pretty.
How about you?
I choose you. 
Hmm....what will I do with this beauty? 
Now that she's transferred onto fabric. 
Time for the fun part! 

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sewing Machine Diva! and Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Oh My!

Okay, we all know about my mishap with my first sewing machine.  I kept breaking needles and thread.  The machine couldn't handle the layers of my collages and would in addition to all the other issues...really get the fabric caught up in the machine.  I would damage some really nice pieces.  Sob story right? My solution was to purchase this huge powerhouse of a industrial strength, all metal monster of a machine.  Great solution with a even greater problem.  This machine is so heavy that it buckled my craft table...."oh no you didn't!"  And when I say "buckled it"...I'm not kidding.  There's a now permanent and forever dent and dip in one of my craft tables! Jeezzz....
Well, we all know what I did with that super heavy, bad, bad but really powerful machine....I put it back in it's case until I have a sturdier table for it! Boohoo machine...boohoo!
I'm always in search of the best and most efficient way to get things done (without causing too much damage to things...smiles.)   I went out to Sears and found a Kenmore mechanical sewing machine that like the powerhouse machine....doesn't come with many stitch functions.  When I saw it, I thought...okay maybe this one will do the trick but I wasn't sure.  I read some online reviews about it and found out that it also has an extra height...presser foot lifter as to allow for...dare I say it...."more layers!!!" And it has a pressure adjusting lever for different weighted fabrics too! So cool!
Could this be it? OMGoodness....I'm excited in the store as I return back to get this Sewing Machine Diva (SMDiva).  Yeah I know how easily I can become excited about gadgets, fabrics, jewelry, lace/trims and well magazines and stuff...heehee but this time I'm super geeked.  I get it home...get it out the box...say a special prayer...and...
...well it handled those layers like cake! Smoothly and with such power! I was shocked!!
This SMDiva didn't slow down a bit.  No hiccups whatsoever.   I was like "whoa!" It was like "keep up girl!" I am so impressed.  Oh yeah! She's a keeper.  With the tension settings just right and the correct needle...oh it's on!  And the higher then normal lift...brings a gleam to my eye just thinking about how it handled those layers.  This SMDiva is perfect for what I need it to do!  Yes! Finally! And it didn't hurt my Sewing Table either! Smiles!  Now my fabrics sing the praises of a great SMDiva!
BTW...These Gingher 8" Dressmaker Scissors are pristine for getting through those thicker layers of  upholstery fabrics with super ease. Cuts through lace and finer fabrics like butter.  
Speaking of food references...I wanted to thank my hubby for the Chocolate Covered Strawberries he gave me today.  The card simply reads..."I Love You." Well, that's enough said for me! Sweet! "I Love You Too!" Ahhww...

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's...(6)

Vintage Clunky Pendants's officially on Newsstands in my area!! OMGoodness!
How Exciting!
Thanks to everyone who has emailed/called me that they have their copy.
I love your support of my endeavors! 
I know many of you have had this "hooray, yippee, whoohoo, awesome, sweet" feeling already! 
Please indulge me for a moment while I do my "hooray, yippee, whoohoo, awesome, sweet" 
boogie dance.
This stack was at Barnes and Nobles

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Tribute...

Mommy and Me
I totally love that I have this picture!
Our Home no longer, but the memories remain.
On February 25, 2006 my mom Ella Katherine Campbell (EKC) loss her "earthly life" battle to Pancreatic cancer.  She was a fighter and held on through massive surgeries, chemo and radiation.  She fought her battle for 4 years.  She loved the Lord and He was truly her strength through her storm and cross that she had to endure.  She was 59 years old. 
These pictures were taken shortly before she passed.  I remember I had to beg her to take them.  She was very concerned about her hair thinning so much, her hands darkening from the chemo/radiation and her thin frame.  I told her she looked beautiful just the way she was, that none of these physical effects could take away from her inner or outer beauty.  I remember she smiled, perked up and then allowed me to take several photos of her.
We had such a wonderful time together.
I'm so fond of these memories.
Well, my mom was a creative Spirit.  She loved to decorate our home and sing songs with that melodic voice of hers.  Mom could decorate the house with such flair and her personality was in every room.  I know that I inherited this creative trait from her.  Here's a few photos I have of our last home before she passed.
Mommy made the best of what she had.  Made it pretty. Made it hers.  She was truly a beautiful Soul.
She will forever be missed in my heart.  I love her. I always have.  I always will.
My Heart is Forever Hers.
March 3rd, 2006
We laid my mom to rest.  That morning as I prepared for the service...I remember wanting to do something special in honor of her...but what?  
In a very small, renovations needed, old time family church, with an old time feel, all seats filled, people standing in the back and out the sanctuary...Heart Broken...I gave my mom...a song.
Unrehearsed, this is what my heart was led to do.
 It wasn't perfect...but I know she loved it just the same.
I posted the video for Mother's Day and then...
I decided "I Love Her Too Much"
 to put it away...just yet.
(Cindy at I Owe it All to Him asked for my favorite song...this is it. 8/6/10)
Thank you for all your sweet comments about the video and post.  
I do this Mom...In Remembrance of you...
Mom, I love you.
Happy Mother's Day Friends!!
Thank you friends for your comfort and warm support.  I just wanted to share my love for mom with you on this special mother's day.  I'm not sad...I rejoice in our memories.  Again I say...Rejoice!
 I found this song a few weeks before mom passed.  I played it for her on the phone and we laughed and talked the night away.  The day of the funeral, the Lord brought this song back to my heart.  I performed a tribute to my mom and it is by far my most favorite and dearly treasured song forever.  It was our last song shared together in life and home going...

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's...(5) and I Got It!

Beauty...if broken.
Beauty when made whole.
Whether broken or is ...
undeniably remarkable.
Sweet News...Update...
Today I received a complimentary copy of 
Cloth Paper Scissors Studios in the mail...
 When I opened the magazine I was so excited about all the colorful studios within.  The magazine is brimming over with great spaces for creating art and there are a lot of tips and advice for anyone wanting to change their space a little or even a lot.   I'm so very excited about being published for the first time and I couldn't ask for a better magazine to be published in!
KC Willis is in this issue...and we all know how much I adore her. (yeah)
Another influential artist for me in this issue is Jonathan Talbot.  I was introduced to gel medium transfers through his art years ago.  How cool is that...?  To have two of my favorite artists here in Studios with me. (sweet)
Copies due to hit newsstands May 18! 
Yes, Rose! The 3g iPad came too! LOL and it's even better than the first one!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Quiet Strength

Sometimes we are quiet.
It doesn't mean that we aren't strong.
Sometimes we are silent.
Not to be mistaken for weakness.
Sometimes we are misunderstood.
Thought to be common.
Sometimes we are overlooked, overburdened, overworked....
In our quietness...there's a strength that we can draw from.
A force within our soul that when we are weak...we are made strong...
As we embark on a another mother's day...remember your quiet strength.
Remember to draw on it and love thine self.
There's nothing wrong with Quiet, with Common, with You.
Hush now...go ahead and...release your strength.

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