Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday’s…(4)

BLING…needs no introduction!DSC_3469DSC_3464DSC_3451 DSC_3427DSC_3448DSC_3465When in doubt…BLING it!   


Monday, April 26, 2010

Friends Together and SADE CD Giveaway...

Well today when I got home from a long day at work. (Whew) I noticed that I had received my wonderfully awaited package all the way from Denmark.  Remember a few weeks back I won a beautiful doll by Dorthe and today it arrived.
Look at those under garments...

shoes and laces...
Well, to commemorate my gorgeous doll's arrival...
I decided to name her Ella after my mom...cause she's simply beautiful like she was.   
I also got a great shot of her next to one of my favorite symbolize my friendship with Dorthe and well all my friends in blogland. I didn't make my doll..but isn't she the cutest next to Ella?
Then I thought...what other way can I celebrate friends in blogland?..
I know...
I'll give away a brand new, factory sealed copy of drum roll please...
SADE..Soldier of Love CD 
Yeah, Whoo, Ahh...cause, well I absolutely love her music!
So from now until let's say May 1st...leave a comment for your chance to win the CD.  I will try to get it to you by Mother's Day so that you can enjoy some beautiful music on your big day!  International winner may take a bit longer...but if you win...the CD will be shipped to you ASAP.
Well...that's it!
Thanks Dorthe for the prize and the inspiration to be a continual blessing to someone else.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

OMGoodness! I Just Watched...

Wow, what a beautiful movie.  
For James Cameron to create something this beautiful...he is truly an inspired man.
Outside of the fact that many times there are people who just don't get it.  They try to take things that aren't theirs to take.  They let greed and wealth blind them to things that are far more
 What great knowing that in the end....resilience wins!!  War because of Greed.
Faith, Love, Prayer and Unity..Supersedes all Evils.
Even those who loose their battle have a greater life prepared for their next journey.
C'mon...sound familiar?
This movie was so great...powerful...beautiful.
 I cheered all the way through.  I couldn't turn from it!
I was angered at the disregard for nature, life and things misunderstood.  
Yes, I know it was just a movie...
it was so very symbolic of real life...
In so many ways...that one can not help but be moved by it.
This one moved me for sure...and not many of them do.
 I wish all those involved great rewards for this gem.  
It was Awesome!!
Truly Remarkable! 
I just had to write about it!
Art comes across in so many forms!
Diversity...isn't it amazing?
If you get a chance...check this one out.
162 minutes of pure beauty in a movie!
How do you interpret life?
What do you fight for?

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's...(3)

My, my how time flies.  
Here we are at another Vintage Jewelry Wednesday! 
Let's see what I've found in my chest of goodies.
How about this back drop of Creamy Chocolate?
So Rich and Pearl Dreamy...
Royalty in Burgundy and Purple...
Blue I love you...
Scrumptious White...
Delicious Colors...
Who can resist?
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Now My Heart Sings Daily...

I wanted to share this special news with all of my beautiful and supportive friends here on my blog.  Art Saves by Jenny Doh over at Crenscendoh.Com has an Article posted there under "Readers Share" (that I wrote) about how Art Saved My Life! OMGoodness...I love the way the article came out.  Thanks Susan and everyone involved in making the decision to post my story.  Please if you get the chance to check it out...I would be thrilled.  You can leave comments there as well as here (I would love if you did...smiles.) Wow, I'm so honored to share more of my heart with you guys...almost everyday I meet beautiful people in "blogland" and those moments of connection with you all...makes my heart sing more and more....
Smiles...Hugs and xoxo my friends....
Here's a small snippet from the article....

Now My Heart Sings Daily by Lovey
Where does my story begin of art saving my life? It all started about ten years ago. My love for digital photography became a reality when I had my first son. With his birth, I wanted a way to capture his growth just like so many mothers having a child for the first time. I was excited and overwhelmed with wanting to create some type of art (I wasn't sure at the time what ... but I knew something would come to me). I wanted to detail his life and ours as a new family in a way that was beautiful and unique to me. I bought my first digital camera. It was a Fuji point and shoot. It had about 3 mega pixels and I was thrilled! I immediately began taking pictures of my son and all his firsts. As I collected more images of him, I felt compelled even more so to preserve those precious moments outside of my digital camera.

Here's the Link:
Now My Heart Sings Daily by Lovey

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do Art. Do You.

When I started my journey into this world of art, I had no real direction…no clearly defined idea of what I could or would do as an artist.  The only thing running through my mind was the notion that I wanted to be creative …but how?… I was unsure. 
Somehow, my path went down the road of photography.  More specifically… digital still life photography. 
I began taking pictures of objects that were in my surroundings…
Things that captured my
eyes through my lens. 
Things that inspired me with
written all over it.
Random Art of Pretty
Now…this was fun and rewarding for a time…
but as I began reflecting over my art …I noticed a wall full of “pretty” but random things…no theme. 
You know what I mean?
Just random photos of pretty. 
There was no connection between objects.
No purpose for my art in my heart. 
I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.
Hmm…not good.  
This began feeling more like a fleeting hobby
…not me evolving into an artist.
What to do?
Do Art. Do You.
Part 2…Now My Heart Sings be continued.
Stay tuned my friends…
Nice News to Share…
Hey guys...check out the Sneak Peek of ...
Cloth Paper Scissors Studios
Summer 2010 Issue 
(link below). 
There's a small blurb there about some of it's content...and guess what?
I made it in!
My little studio space is published with some samples of my art!
Cloth Paper Scissors Studios
Due to hit newsstands May 18, 2010.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's...(2)

Pink Rhinestones are simply beautiful!
Can't get enough of those sparkles!
All together now!
Beauty is...
all in the Bling!
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Such a Great Honor to Win...

This morning I found out that I won this
lovely doll from Dorthe
Dorthe had a blog giveaway for
reaching 100 followers!
To my great honor, when she asked her husband to
think of a number, he thought of 46.
When Dorthe checked...(twice) was ME!
Oh how sweet to win something so beautiful
from such a beautiful person.
Dorthe's blog give aways are so generous.
I will take great care of your beautiful girl!
Thanks Sweetie for such a wonderful gift!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pretty Flower Girl

Pearls, Flowers and Lace…Oh My!  DSC_3213DSC_3214 
    Pretty in PinkDSC_3223
DSC_3203 DSC_3221
Pretty as a Picture.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Wednesday's...

I have so many beautiful Vintage pieces of jewelry.
Some are broken, some are not.
Some have stones missing and I
like that a lot!
HeeHee...smiles (catch that rhyme?)  
I don't know when or if I'll ever get around to using them all...
but the collecting part of these pieces...
is so very refreshing
I'm happy.
It's fun.
I loose track of time.
I collect for the joy of it.
It can't be replaced in my way!
I love rhinestones.
So anywhoo...
I thought it would be so very cool to post a few pieces weekly...
Today is why not start today?
Here we go...
Until next "Vintage Jewelry Wednesday"
Happy Vintage Findings!

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Okay we all know that I went over to the MAC side back in October. (Sorry PC) but I had to do it!  My home PC became corrupt more than once and oh the lost data...brings a tear or two to my eyes. (Sniffle) 
So what have we here? 
Something else by Apple? 
Oh my! An IPad! 
That little baby is beautiful. 
 Soooo, what did I do you ask?
I bought one!
It arrived on Saturday April 3rd and I'm in Love with this beauty!
I was so excited...I almost couldn't open the box...I did say almost right?
OMGoodness! So smooth, so slick... so very apple!
No, I'm not a spokesperson for Apple! 
But this little thing right here...
definitely a keeper!
Way to Go Apple!
Oh yeah...I've had some time to play with my IPad. 
It's more than just a "beautiful" piece of technology.
It's very responsive and getting on the web is easy!
It's great to grab and go....I love it!
Update...I am totally loving this device.  It's great for taking notes at work and on the go.  I love having internet access that is so portable, sleek and stylish.  The only problem I ran into was not having wifi everywhere I went...and turns out I really need to have access everyday...I mean it's a necessity now for my remedy was to return the wifi only model for the wifi + 3g model due to ship late April...and now with that being said and completed...I wait for my new baby to arrive.
Update April 30h...I got it!

Some people recommend the HP Slate over the Apple.  I think that's fine for them.  To each'es own.  I believe you should get whatever you are happy with and can afford to buy at the time.  I don't think we should discourage anyone for their decision or personal preference.  That's not nice.
 I mean,'s your money. 
Spend it the way you see fit not the way someone else does.
(In response to a negative comment that I erased forever.)
"Don't's not Pretty." 

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Even if They Say "No"

Even if they don't like my fabric art...
it's okay.
Even if they don't publish me right now...
it's okay.
Even if they say "No"
it's okay.
I Will...
Stay positive
Stay creative
Be the best I can be
Pursue my dreams
Make my heart sing with Fabric and Photos...
Yes...That's it!
I Will...
Be the best I can be in order to pursue my dreams.
My Heart Sings... 
I will not be discouraged...
Why Not Me?
Pursue your dreams Even if they...say "No."

So many wonderful and heartfelt comments. Thank you my friends.

I have learned that not all venues see what I see...
accept what I accept
see my fabric art the way I do
it's okay.

The question should not be
What if they say no...?
The statement should be
Even if they say no...
 Still I Rise with a Smile in my heart!
Even if they say "No."
Fabrics, Photos and Me!
In your Creative Journeys...
Remember to go forward and live your dreams...
Even if They Say "No."
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen!

Happy Easter...
But Remember...
He is Risen!
Enjoy your families on this beautiful Easter Sunday.
I had a great Easter! Very relaxing and filled with love.
Hope you did too!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fabric Eye Candy

The last few days I have had the best time looking for upholstery fabrics.  There’s one local fabric store in my area that runs 50% off sales on some of their upholstery fabrics periodically.  Not that I was running too low on these fabrics but come on…who can resist such beautiful colors, tones and textures?
So Rich…DSC_3076DSC_3075So Beautiful!
Some women love to shop for shoes.
Some love shopping for clothes.
Still there are others completely into getting their nails and hair done.  Nothing wrong with that…
BUT for ME…
put me in a room surrounded with upholstery fabrics  laces and trims and OMGoodness… I’m thrilled beyond words!
Of course some friends think I’m crazy to spend money on fabrics, laces and trims. 
Some think I’m even crazier to spend money on broken jewelry…
They just can’t seem to get past the fact that it’s…well…umm…
Well…At least they have Rhinestones in them!
Anyway, being the supportive friend that I am…smiles…
I tell them that I understand…
I feel their confusion…
…but…come on?
Look at them!
I’m in Love!
Can one love fabrics and trims like this?
Is it Legal?
Ooh Lala and Lala Some More!
Oh and the Treads...! Man! Love Em'
    Earth Tones are my favorite! 
Some women love the finer things in life…
I just love the Treaded Ones!
Go ahead…put me up in a room with all these beauties!
I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Stay Tuned!

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