Friday, February 26, 2010

My Vintage Girls…

I have these beautiful vintage dolls that I bought years ago.  I had forgotten all about them until our wonderful Nana reminded me of how beautiful they were sitting upon the piano.  When I took a look at them again I had to take pictures to post.DSC_2767Look at the lace, trim and flowers on these dresses.  I had no idea that I was so into Vintage even so long ago..seriously… about 12 years I have had these dolls.  It’s funny how I’m now coming into “awareness”  of my Love for Antiques, Victorian/Edwardian images, dresses and the likes there of.  DSC_2760How about those Curly Q’s? Smiles.DSC_2766Aren’t they the prettiest girls, I mean dolls ever?   
Well, I don’t have any little girls of my own…but oh if I did…they would be Soooo “girly spoiled!”…smiles!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love You Mom...

Life Changing Events in February!
Moms 4th anniversary since going home to be with the Lord.
February 25, 2006
My Inspiration Board...
Tag Mom, you're it forever!
Remember M
Remember E
But Most of All
Remember ME!
Mom use to say that all the time.
Well Mom...I Remember...and I Smile!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

12 Years and Counting...

February 21...
My husband Steven and I celebrated 12 years of marriage! Whew!
Playing Peek A Boo...
We Sneak a Kiss...
I really did love my dress. 
gown back

I had my gown professionally boxed to preserve it.

The Bead Work, Design and all the Swirls and Flourishes...
were absolutely Stunning!
Lot's of Lace and Sequins too!
I have always loved that "Vintage" look.
It's so Elegant to me.
Feels like I have an
"Old Soul."
A Soul that Loves
to admire days gone by and all
it's Beauty.

Truly a Beautiful Dress and an Amazing Day!
Such a happy bride...Smiles!
Cheers to all the memories and hope for all the new ones!
Happy Anniversary!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Here! Wow!

Okay so we all know about my mishap with the sewing machine needle breaking and all the layers I like to use in my fabric collages.  Truly a funny story...check out the post on 2/10/10 if you missed it.
Well, my semi industrial walking foot sewing machine came today and what a powerhouse it is!  It is a straight and zigzag stitch only, all metal machine! Weighing in at about 63 lbs with a Solid Black Case, the machine is truly heavy, sturdy and really quite nice in it's blue paint covering. 
I must admit I was intimidated at first when setting up the machine.  It was truly foreign to me dealing with a machine of this nature.  Luckily though, the designers of the machine included a really awesome DVD that explains everything about the machine in such detail that I was able to get it set up within about two hours after watching the DVD in it's entirety.  I have no problems seeking out help on those things unfamiliar to me you know?  The DVD is also quite nice because I can refer back to it as often as needed whenever needed...pausing and rewinding as it plays!  
So now that I have the machine and understand better the functioning of the machine, I need to order the correct thread for it and needles.  I can use the home sewing machine threads but not the needles.  This is nice to know but due to having to adjust the tension quite often if I use the home threads...I've opted not to do so.  It will just make the job way too tedious.  I will use the recommended threads for the machine as they are quite stronger and the machine likes stronger no doubt.  
I will definitely have to get use to this machine.  It's loud, it's heavy and it's very powerful.  No more late sewing that's for sure!
It was definitely a blessing to have been able to get this walking foot machine.  I'm going to do some practice runs with it until I get my threads.  It did come with a white polyester cone but I prefer a darker color.  Well until then, I have some time to play and really learn how to use this powerhouse of a  machine!
Now let's see if this baby can handle me and all my layers! Smiles!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Curly Q?

My husband pointed out the different textures in this young lady's hair...very interesting huh?
The Curly Q really doesn't blend in well, but she was still quite pretty.
Why was it Un-Natural to be Natural for this girl? 
This is the first photo of this time period that I've found a young girl of color (even w/ wealth)...
with a hair extension like this.
Lot's of great comments about my curly Q girl here.
 Thanks for your thoughts on the image and the piece!
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Monday, February 15, 2010

And My OWOH Winner is...

I just wanted to thank everyone for their interest in my OWOH giveaway this 2010!  I enjoyed meeting all those wonderful hearts from around the world! I hope that we will keep in touch and that our journeys together have only just begun.
I would like to announce the winner for my giveaway...who was randomly selected...
Drum Roll Please!
...June from Idaho!!...
Yeah, Hooray and Congratulations!!
Let's do this again NEXT YEAR?!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

During the 7th Hour...

We should all stop and tell the ones in our lives how much they mean to us.  Not only on a special day such as Valentines Day (although it's cool!) but everyday! You never know where the events in a day will take you or what it could do to change your life forever.
Take for instance my day yesterday 2/13.  It started off like a normal morning.  Nothing exciting...just a good day...till... "ouch," I said to myself as I grabbed my chest.  "Hmm what was that all about?" I asked.  Then a feeling of heaviness came upon me. "Oh no, what in the world?" The pain stops, I'm good.  That was strange...I thought... but on with my day I was going to go...until "owie!" again!!! 
Okay, better go and have this checked out.  I went to the hospital (my hubby drove me).  Thought it would be a quick was 11:30 AM and no one was really in the ER.  I got registered...a chest x-ray, some blood work and an EKG...all is well...I should be fine.  So I'm thinking...they are really rolling here.  One of the nurses...very sweet...Her name was "Angel," Yes, "Angel...seriously."  She and I had a connection instantly.  She completed my EKG and blood work as we spoke to one another. The connection was so strong that she hugged me when her shift was over.  I felt overwhelmed with genuine care and I'd venture to say...God's Love.
 Now, hows that for an Angel watching over me?
Tired, but okay and comforted overall. 
"Thanks Angel!"  

I've had a series of tests and everything is rolling along so nicely...I'll be home before long...I'm Good! I thought to myself.  Now, I'll just wait...
 Well 1 hour turned into 2,  then 4, and 6, then finally...I was "called" during the 7th HOUR!     OMGoodness!  So many ambulances were coming in that I was being bumped back a slot each time a new one arrived.  Now at this point, I'm supper I mean super hungry..thirsty and still in some discomfort but my Spirit is optimistic and I'm good.  
So here I am in this 7th Hour... a little bit nervous...and still not knowing what was going on with my "Heart?" The Doctor comes in...
"We're going to need a CT Scan," he said.  
By then it was about 9:00 PM.  
"Oh, and by the way...we're going to...Admit you for continued observation." Pausing...thinking...pausing some more...
"Okay," I said... 
Seemed like 30 minutes later but it was really like a few seconds...but my sense of time was long over at like the 6th hour of waiting 
so...over night it is...
CT Scan...Negative! Blood work...Normal! X-Ray, EKG...Normal! Amen!!!
What caused the pain?...a few more tests are ordered as an "Out patient." 
Bottom line "My HEART is OK!

Discharged..11:03 AM on Valentine's Day.
Now...getting back to the love...tell the people in your life that they mean something to you.  A nice word or two can go a long way.  My "yesterday" could have turned out a lot worse then it did.  
Bless the Lord...I'm in my today! 
My husband...who really doesn't "do Valentine's Day," felt so inclined to give me these balloons and card above...I think he too realized that our 7th Hour on February 13, 2010...
could have turned out completely different!
Now as for you...
Go ahead...tell someone...
as Always....
Created by Lovey

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OMG...I Broke A Sewing Needle!

Okay, so it has finally happened...I did it...yes, it was me...I Broke A Sewing Machine Needle for the FIRST time, Oh No...!  I knew I was in trouble when the machine started to shake.  "No..come on, you can keep going...," I told the machine.  Well the machine fought back and won.  I told myself just one more two more...oh heck let's go ten.  Yeah..ten! I know! Smiles.  After the initial shock, I decided it would be a good idea to change out the was broke after all.  It made perfect sense.  Where's the broken point of the needle....looking...checking the machine...felt the collage...ah-ha there it is.  Pulled it out.  Took a Picture or two. Threw it away.
Oh wait, I digressed...change the I changed it.  Hmm...looks sturdy enough...let's go ahead and finish out those 10 layers!  Hah! So far so good...till..A WARNING MESSAGE popped up on the screen that read "STOP FOR SAFTEY PURPOSES!" No kidding.  Laughing! I didn't think to take a picture of the warning as the second shock of the machine warning me in the first place..caught me off guard! was pretty...well...umm...funny. 
 Gotta love those Layers!
Okay, I've gotten some interesting comments about the machine needle "really? your first needle broke...awww!"Chuckle, Chuckle.  Well,  I told you guys, I'm a "Newbie."  What's a girl to do?  I need to find a solution...Give up the layers? Hmm...Nope, can't do that! 
Ahh... I know... an Industrial Strength Machine! Yes, that's it!  
(Thanks Tristan for the consult!)
And's on it's way!
Oh what a TREAT! I'm so excited!!
See...the needle broke for another good reason...Yes...
 besides the really thick layers!

Created by Lovey,
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Layers Upon Vintage Layers!

As a new fabric collage artist, I've noticed that I like a great deal of depth in my pieces.  I tend to pack on layers and layers of fabrics, laces and trims.  My color palette consists of various shades of browns, pinks and reds.  The image featured here was printed on Iron-On Transfer Paper.  I actually liked using this paper as I had not done so in quite some time.  Iron-on Transfer Paper can be a bit tricky when removing the backing paper off your fabric.  You really do have to be careful when removing the paper or you risk potentially damaging your beautiful transfer. Start at one corner…lift up and pull at an angle.  Pull too slowly and you’ll get lines across the transfer…pull too fast and it can rip…
so…pull carefully.  Smiles.
I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this method of transferring images onto fabric.  I didn't mind the extra steps needed to get to the final result.  If you don't mind the extra steps of ironing the transfer and waiting for it to cool before removing...this method may be for you.  It may not be my first choice for fabric transfers but it will definitely be one that I frequent quite often in my work!
Loving those fabric transfers and layers!!
What do you love?
Go ahead and bring it forth…

Monday, February 8, 2010

Do What You Love…

Creating gel medium transfers on fabric is absolutely a beautiful process for creating images with a worn appearance. 
The final results are quite powerful!
Printing directly on fabric is also quite beautiful…Images are crisp and really are... umm…well… perfect!  The final result is very different from a transferred image…but the look is just as beautiful 
Throughout my blog you will find my love for both  photo processes reappearing in posts.  I feel liberated in being able to switch between the two styles of photo manipulations on fabric to obtain the look I’m going for.  Provide yourself with options for your images! Don’t limit what you can do…do what you love! I love anything fabric and therefore all my collages will begin and end with love!
Be true to yourself!
Be true to your art!
As Always My Friends…Smiles.
Created by Lovey,

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A New Blogger Award Button...

Your Blog is Simply Beautiful Award!

As I surfed the web for different blog award buttons
(as I really want to acknowledge some great blogs out there)...I couldn't find the right one for me to pass on...(although I would love to receive one of them  myself (playfully smiling).  There are so many great blog award buttons to choose from but I needed one a little different but still as nice.  So I asked myself..."self, why not create one of your own to pass on?" Sounded like a good idea and I created this one!  This button is for you pass along to those beautiful blogs out there that you would like to recognize.  
Please inform the recipient that you are awarding them and then link their blog in your blog roll for continued recognition.  Also ask the recipient to write a brief post about their award with your link and name as the person who gave the award or a simple thanks to you over the blog award button this.
Thanks to Lovey
  You can award as many people as you like on as many blogs as you like. If you don't mind posting my name/link as the creator of this new button somewhere on your blog or in the email of the recipient that would be great!
(Again playfully smiling!)
  You can click on the icon in the side bar of this blog for the button.  Then copy and paste the icon in the email of the blog recipient(s) with all the other information.  Please link photo to
 I enjoyed creating this button...I hope to see it out there in blog land soon!
What do you think? Smiles...
Created by Lovey,
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is Just One of Those Photos...

This is just one of those photos that makes my heart skip a beat.  Look at the lace and ruffles on her blouse! I mean c'mon this is simply beautiful.  Her hair...and the jewelry.  The gloves that reach past her elegant and refined.   Look at the table next to her...the plant, table cloth and pictures behind her.  Look how she posed for this photo...with a document of some the appearance of true class and even authority as she looks over it.  Look at the wallpaper for goodness sakes.  Gorgeous! Seriously! This is just one of those rare photos that makes me DREAM... and then want to DREAM beauty into my Vision of Art!
By the way...I can indeed see that she was wearing a corset...hmm...brought her waist in quite a bit from what I can tell by looking at the photo...ouch!..maybe that's why she's not smiling! 
Created by Lovey,
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Worth Giving a Second Look...

I absolutely, positively love old jewelry!  I love the rhinestones, and pearls.  I love the bling of the faux diamonds.  There's something about the design that captures my eye and heart.  I can't wait to incorporate the jewelry onto my next piece.  This past summer I found a great deal of jewelry, some without the gems and even some that were perfectly whole...all gems in tact.  And where did I find these awesome pieces you may ask...?  Why at flea markets of course.  I couldn't help myself once I got started finding all the old pieces for literally pennies (well a little more than that...but you get the point...smiles).  Every weekend, I found myself looking for the best bargains and 1/2 off sales available at every vintage flea market, thrift store, and even garage sale I could find.  I really did accumulate some awesome pieces...and even though they are old, broken and used...they are still beautiful to me. 
I think it's the beauty we find within that we project on the outside...that's worth giving a second look...but that's just me! Smiles... 
Old and tattered, broken or new...I Simply Adore You.

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