Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Tribute...

Mommy and Me
I totally love that I have this picture!
Our Home no longer, but the memories remain.
On February 25, 2006 my mom Ella Katherine Campbell (EKC) loss her "earthly life" battle to Pancreatic cancer.  She was a fighter and held on through massive surgeries, chemo and radiation.  She fought her battle for 4 years.  She loved the Lord and He was truly her strength through her storm and cross that she had to endure.  She was 59 years old. 
These pictures were taken shortly before she passed.  I remember I had to beg her to take them.  She was very concerned about her hair thinning so much, her hands darkening from the chemo/radiation and her thin frame.  I told her she looked beautiful just the way she was, that none of these physical effects could take away from her inner or outer beauty.  I remember she smiled, perked up and then allowed me to take several photos of her.
We had such a wonderful time together.
I'm so fond of these memories.
Well, my mom was a creative Spirit.  She loved to decorate our home and sing songs with that melodic voice of hers.  Mom could decorate the house with such flair and her personality was in every room.  I know that I inherited this creative trait from her.  Here's a few photos I have of our last home before she passed.
Mommy made the best of what she had.  Made it pretty. Made it hers.  She was truly a beautiful Soul.
She will forever be missed in my heart.  I love her. I always have.  I always will.
My Heart is Forever Hers.
March 3rd, 2006
We laid my mom to rest.  That morning as I prepared for the service...I remember wanting to do something special in honor of her...but what?  
In a very small, renovations needed, old time family church, with an old time feel, all seats filled, people standing in the back and out the sanctuary...Heart Broken...I gave my mom...a song.
Unrehearsed, this is what my heart was led to do.
 It wasn't perfect...but I know she loved it just the same.
I posted the video for Mother's Day and then...
I decided "I Love Her Too Much"
 to put it away...just yet.
(Cindy at I Owe it All to Him asked for my favorite song...this is it. 8/6/10)
Thank you for all your sweet comments about the video and post.  
I do this Mom...In Remembrance of you...
Mom, I love you.
Happy Mother's Day Friends!!
Thank you friends for your comfort and warm support.  I just wanted to share my love for mom with you on this special mother's day.  I'm not sad...I rejoice in our memories.  Again I say...Rejoice!
 I found this song a few weeks before mom passed.  I played it for her on the phone and we laughed and talked the night away.  The day of the funeral, the Lord brought this song back to my heart.  I performed a tribute to my mom and it is by far my most favorite and dearly treasured song forever.  It was our last song shared together in life and home going...

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Rebecca said...

Dear Lovey...

My eyes filled with tears as I watched your tribute to your mother. I KNOW you can't possibly know this but my daughter is majoring in American Sign Language and Spanish and has 1 1/2 years to go before she graduates. It's been a long haul for her.

Anyway...I wanted you to know that I don't think there is anything as moving as someone sign a song. I can't watch my girl without totally losing it and watching this tribute to your mother moved me beyond words. so very, very beautiful.

Happy Mother's Day to blessed me by sharing your most personal of moments.

love to you~Rebecca

Lovey said...

Thank you Rebecca! I appreciate you watching and understanding my heart. Happy Mother's Day to You! I'm glad that your daughter is learning ASL, it is a beautiful Language. God Bless you this Mother's Day!

June said...

Lovey this tribute to your mother is beautiful. Oh how I love the video clip. I know your mother must be so proud of her girl. I so enjoyed these sweet pictures. Especially the one of her giving you the baby. What a liitle doll you are.

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. What a wonderful tribute to your Mom. I can't imagine a more perfect gift to honor her! I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the church that day! Bless you and have a Wonderful Mothers Day!

Lovey said...

Hi June and Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for your kind and beautiful words this Mother's Day! I believe mom is smiling down remembering the times we shared so many moments together. What a Blessed thought! HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!

Lovey said...

Oh Lynn...thank you! I still cry when I see it. I felt such like a little girl again on that day...singing and dancing for mama. Yes, the emotions were high during the performance, tears flowed...I was so touched at the heartfelt responses that day for the love of my mom. I remember it like it was yesterday...vividly. Thank you for sharing this memory with me. It was definitely one I could finally share...because of all the warmth I feel from you guys.

Diane said...

What a beautiful gift for your Mom and I know that she is loving it right now--Happy Mother's day to you!

Lovey said...

Thank you Diane. Happy Mother's Day!

Ophelia said...

This is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful memory.

Lovey said...

Thank you O! Happy Mother's Day!

Marilyn Rock said...

Well; this is one of the most beautiful and moving posts I've come across for Mother's Day. Beautiful Lovey. Thank you for sharing this personal and touching post with us. May your fond memories and your everlasting love, for her, keep you in good health and high spirits. Know that you are loved and still loved by her forever. Happy Mother's Day! Marilyn

Lovey said...

Happy Mother's Day Marilyn! Thank you for your words. I appreciate all that you said. Such kindness from you. Thank you Marilyn...I love it!

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Lovey,
Thought I made a warm regard to you yesterday, it must have dissapered.
I read your wonderfull, and sad story about your mother,yesterday, and it filled my heart with a wish to comfort you, you gave your mom a most loving goodby,Lovey.
I hope you are having a happy day with your family today.
Hugs to you, Dorthe

Marlynn said...

Lovey - beautiful tribute to your mother and I loved watching you sign the song - moving and so special. All of our moms that have passed over to be with our Lord are looking down today knowing that we are thinking of them and they so know how much we love and miss them. I was more intrigued to realize that I am only 2 months younger than you Mom. My birthday is February 1947. Hugs and love your way ....

La Doña Jenny said...

Lovey, thank you for sharing this so very personal momement with all of us. My beloved mother Catalina is not longer with us - it's been 11 years but I still miss her so deeply. Thanks again Lovey and what a beautiful tribute. And in your words...smiles!


Cinner said...

HI Lovey, I have just recently become a follower and I am so glad, this wonderful tribute to your Mom was very very heartwarming. You must get your beauty from your Mom, I love the bottom photo. It was a very moving performance. It will be a year the end of the month that my father passed away. we cherish the memories, just like you. I have a lot of old pictures too, even one with a doll. I hope you have a wonderful day...your kids are such little cuties, oh my. take care. Hugs.

Lovey said...

Oh Dorthe, I don't know what happened to your original comment but I'm so glad that you came back again...Thank you for wanting to comfort me...that means a lot. Smiles and I am having a nice Mommies day with the boys.

Lovey said...

Hi Marlynn...thank you. I know our moms are looking down and smiling. We will always miss and love them. I knew there was more than one reason that we bonded so wonderfully...hmmm.

Lovey said...

Jenny...thank you. I loved sharing with you all because the love should be shared. Eleven years may seem long but when it's one of our's just like yesterday...I know. Have a wonderful Mother's Day and smiles to you for everything that makes!

Lovey said...

Oh Cinner...I'm so glad you're here! Thank you for sharing too! I pray your strength as one year approaches for you being without your day...I know it's hard at times. Be comforted and hold on to those memories. Make sure to look at those photos as you reflect back. They will bring you a smile or two! Thank you for your sweet words about my little guys too! Happy Mother's Day my friend.

Debby said...

Hi Lovey, what an absolutely beautiful tribute to your Mother. Happy Mother's Day!

Lovey said...

Thank you Debby! And Happy Mother's Day to You!

Rebecca said...

Hello Lovey
What a lovely tribute to your dear mother. Your song of sorrow was so touching and I am sure she watched it from the loving arms of her Heavenly Father. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. I lost my father a year ago and I truly miss him.
Many Blessings to you this week

Lovey said...

Thank you Rebecca. I needed to share this video. I just had to. I felt mom needed to see it again...I felt I needed to share my love for her with everyone....I am not ashamed of the love you know? I felt it could help someone else...a ministry tool if you will. I know you miss your dad. the grief can be difficult, but the joy of the memories...everlasting. I
Hope you too had a great mother's day.

BellaRosa said...

Lovey amor, truly a beautiful tribute to your beautiful in heart & spirit mama! How blessed you both were to have each eyes started to tear when I read this but...I refused...because I remembered your message you left me on my cell and instead I thought about all the wonderful, amazing and loving memories you must have of such a wonderful mama and I am so happy that you carry her in your heart and in your beautiful me it shows :) But most of all, I am thankful for the beautiful heart that she passed onto you...her beautiful daughter :) Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day amor :) Besos, Rose

ps...I hope your lil one is feeling much is tough when they don't feel well and you just want to make it all better :)

Lovey said...

Rose, I always love talking to you now. It does me good to hers your voice. yes, we remember the good times with a smile. I have plenty of those. Thank you for sharing my story with me...again. Thanks for your. Support of me always. Thanks for seeing beauty within and looking past the pain to the person. I am happy. I feel blessed.

I will stay home today with my baby. He's not feeling good enough (for me) to go to work.
Smiles and Hugs...
How did the garden turn out? I bet it's gorgeous!

alteredbits said...

you, my dear, have a way of filling my eyes with tears (except with "now my heart sings daily" -- that made me full-on weep). what a wonderful and heart-felt post and lovely tribute to your mother. what a gorgeous and creative lady!

i hope your mother's day was magnificent!

Andrea said...

Beautiful artwork and pictures!

Lovey said...

Thank you Alicia! (Altered Bits). I didn't mean to bring tears...but I understand that you felt my heart and even that makes me tear up! Smiles. Now My Heart Sings Daily...that was good for my soul too...I guess, we never know about how our stories can affect others. I believe my stories are bringing me closer to people all over the world...I am so thankful for that! we know each other too!! SMILES Big and yes, Mother's day was quite magnificent after all! LOL,

Lovey said...

Thank you Andrea! Nice to have you share my tribute! Smiles.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hi Sweetie,
Your mom was so beautiful! And your tribute to her was beautiful and moving. I'm sure she was in heaven sending you much love.

Lovey said...

I hope so Gail! I really do!!! Smiles and thank you for sharing this moment with know how I admire YOU!

BellaRosa said...

Lovey amor, so sorry been crazy around is your lil one? feeling better I hope?? poor bebe, it is hard when they are sick and you just want to make them feel better...I love talking to you, your voice always gives me comfort and you make me laugh and think :) Please call me when you have a moment on my cell, I have something to share with you and would love your opinion too :) Have a beatiful week with hopefully everyone feeling much better! Besos, Rose

Lovey said...

Hi my sweet Rose...I'll call yah!

BellaRosa said...

Lovey ty amor, I need your imput on this as soon as you can :) Besos, Rose

Zinnia said...

Lovey, your tribute to your mother's life is just beyond words, and signing seems so appropriate. She has touched your life in so many positive ways, as is plain to see. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of her beautiful soul with us. oxoxo Zinnia

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Lovey,
I am sitting here with tears going down my cheeks...this is such an amazing tribute to your mom...beyond belief! Thank you SOOO much for sharing this...


Faye said...

I love your blog, Lovey, and am so awed by your lovely tribute to your sweet mom (gone far too soon).

MosaicMagpie said...

This was a wonderful gift to all those who celebrated your Mother's life.

The Scrappy Cottage said...

Lovey, how sweet of you to share your moms life and her wonderful journey home. what a beautiful tribute to a life well lived.....

Gini said...

Lovey ~ What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful mom. This coming Mother's Day will be my first without my beautiful mom and even though I know she is in a better's still very difficult for me...I miss her so much. What an amazing song and you did it perfectly all the way.

Thank you...

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